What is online e craps?

Despite that there are three versions of crasps game the rules of each do not differ much only the style of playing does. Casino craps is the version that is played in Casinos and gambling parlors while Street craps is a craps game that is played on the floor of rooms against a wall or in alleyways which is too informal. Online e craps is the recent other version of the craps game and it became more popular with the introduction of online Casinos in most parts of the world.

The street craps game is more crowdy, rowdy and so much social with lots of cheers and people yelling to each other around the table. But despite this behavior of cheers, yelling and excitement, the game still observes its strict code of etiquette for playing craps.

Online e craps basics are very simple and easy to learn but it needs one to learn various types of bets available, the table layout, in order to master the game. Once you get a hand on experience on the types of bets, you're ready to roll on online e craps.

The game is played on the craps table and with two dice which are treated as the most holy objects of the online e craps game. Strict conditions are placed on producing of a dice and it's regularly checked for any damage so that it won't favor any player in the game. Strict rules have been put in place on how the crapshooter handles the dice and always the dice is replaced with a new pair after eight hours of play approximately.

In online e craps every player is given a chance to be roll the dice. A player is allowed to nominate someone in his place and bet on the dice thrower or pass the dice to the player on the left, in case he wants to give his turn to roll to another person. The player, who is taking his roll on dice, must handle the dice only with one hand when he throws it and the dice has to hit the wall on the opposite end of the table. If may be the dice gets down off the table accidentally, it has to be inspected thoroughly before its returned to the table.

Craps table is divided into three areas; left side, centre and right side. Each of the three sides is a mirror image of the opposite side and it has the following sections.

. Field bets
. Odd bets
. Place bets
. Come and Don't come bets
. Pass and don't pass line bets

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