Online blackjack etiquette

However if your visiting a land based Casino then you need more decoration and presentable but there is no real dress code required and you can something comfortable. There is a need for proper etiquette and strategy while playing online blackjack just as in land based blackjack. Some players would like to chat with other players while others would just sit and play. Its good to be calm, cool and don't get on other peoples nerves as they may leave you alone.

Before sitting down at the blackjack table, a player should ask if there seems to be something like an empty seat available there. It should not be a seat that is already occupied but the person left the game temporarily.

You can exchange cash with chip from the dealer between hands or after the shuffle if the player does not carry chips. The table minimum will be clearly posted and to receive chips, you should place money on the table and not to the dealer. The watch out camera will record all the transaction.

The dealer will ask one of the players to cut the cards after the shuffle.

Don't blame the player sat in the last position of the table even if the card they take causes the dealer to win. Don't blame the player for the outcome of the game because even your card can decide the game also.

Equip yourself with all the rules of that particular game of online blackjack. Every table is indicated with a small sign at the side of the dealer listing how the game plays and other rules.

Be a courteous player and make sure the rules are fully understood before you sit to play.

Tip the dealer but don't get carried away because you may lower your chances of a winning session dramatically. If you wish to tip, you should tip occasionally.

Don't blame the dealer for the hands you're receiving and ranting at the dealer for the loose won't help anything. If you're continuing to loose, take a break and cool awhile may be in a bar.

The players should take care not to stack more chips on top of the original bet as they are doubling or splitting. Push the chips to the dealer so that he or she can count and put in order in the betting circle.

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